Blind B’ & the Mercenaries

Because of Corona all gigs for this year are cancelled…..


We just finished a home recorded track, this track and video are released on YouTube and Facebook.

I initiated this project to bring ‘together’ some top notch Dutch blues and soul musicians and record a song that would fit the current Coronavirus situation.

These musicians and me would like to bring some positivity to all the fans that support us for so many years. But definitely as well or all the club owners, booking agents, volunteers, festivals, clubs and sound companies with their engineers that have to deal with this difficult period.

Everyone recorded their audio and video in their own home environment and we release the total put together result as ‘Blind B’ & The Mercenaries’ (Free translation according to Phil Bee ‘the blind bandleader with his unpaid mercenaries.

Feel free – stay safe!!

Bart Kamp


Jody van Ooijen – Drums
Robbert Fossen – Vocals
Ivan Schilder – Piano
Pascal Lanslots – Hammond B3
Marloes Borgman – Backing vocals
Floor Kraayvanger – Backing vocals
Lilian de Jong – Backing vocals
Guy Smeets – Guitar
Phil Bee – Vocals

Bart Kamp – Bass, premix en initiatiefnemer
Rob van Elst (bluesmoose) – Video edits
Guy Smeets – Mix en mastering
Wil Hermens – Opname Hammond B3 voor Pascal